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Vadika G

Absolutely LOVED Dr. Herndon!!!
This was the first time I went to a chiropractor I went in with neck & shoulder pains By the time I left the office I was feeling much better The staff was very pleasant and accommodating Dr. Herndon is a very gentle & professional person Enjoyed my experienced Definitely will recommend Dr. Herndon

Donnie T

Dr. Herndon is professional and passionate about his work. He loves to help people! So if you have any pain, do not hesitate visit Herndon Chiropractic Clinic PA! Being in business for myself, I always pay attention to not only the quality of the product or service, but also to the overall experience. I have met staff members Kim and Veronica so far. They are always upbeat and very friendly, making the experience an A++. Thank you Herndon Chiropractic Clinic PA!!!

Malissa S 

Currently, I am experiencing a high risk pregnancy with intense back pain.  I started seeing Dr Herndon at about 23 weeks because I was having intense back pain and my sciatica was prone to spasm to the point where I could barely hobble around by the end of the day.  This did not work for my lifestyle, as I am always on the go with my work and a 2-year old.  I felt relief after my first visit.  I wasn't cured, but it was a start.  I went twice a week for a month and continued to improve to the point to where my back wasn't seizing up every night.  I then took a two week break from my weekly visits and that was a huge mistake!  I didn't get as bad as I once was, but man was I in pain!  I went back to Dr. Herndon and immediately started feeling relief.  I am now 30 weeks and have a weekly maintenance visit with him.  It has kept me going through this pregnancy and enhanced my quality of life beyond measure.  I can't thank him enough for his gentle approach and valued treatment during this pregnancy.  I'm not sure I could make it without him...at least I wouldn't be walking!



Herndon Chiropractic Clinic



I have been a patient for more than a dozen years. As a professional golfer I cannot emphasize enough the power of the kindness and practice of Dr Herndon. thanks for all you have done to keep me in the game. Its been immeasurable.


Nancy M 
I always enjoy my visits to Dr. Herndon's office. He is knowledgeable, caring, and gentle and I always come out feeling so much better than when I went in. Before getting the adjustment done, patients get their back muscles relaxed by laying on what I can only describe as a small waterbed with rollers swooshing around in it. It feels wonderful! Dr. Herndon's office also offers chiropractic massage, where a therapist who knows your individual situation can customize a treatment suited to your medical needs. I highly recommend this practice.

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Marwa M 

Thank you very much, and really I 'm very lucky to know a very helpful and active people like you all, also Dr. Herndon is a perfect professional knowledgeable person, as for that I try to publish my comments at the doctor's website but I think there is a problem with sending but I ' m still trying and this was my message (I'm an Egyptian patient and this was the first time I went to a chiropractor as for my neck & shoulder pains and severe headache & migraine, but really after my first visit I come out with a so much better feeling  than when I went in as Dr. Herndon is professional knowledgeable person, caring about details with experienced and gentle, also Before getting the treatment, patients get their back muscles relaxed by laying on what I can only describe as a small waterbed with some massaging rollers that makes a wonderful feeling before going on any treatment.)


Melanie D 
I have been seeing Dr. Herndon for quite a few years and always appreciate his diligence and compassionate commitment to achieving long-lasting relief for me, along with all of his other patients. It takes him no time to get me back on my feet and feeling 100% again. Never overbearing or rough, Dr. Herndon takes whatever time is necessary to address the issues in order to provide the right treatment program. Dr. Herndon's natural warmth and friendliness trickles down to his staff and so every visit is a pleasurable experience. Although I only live a few minutes from his office, I would travel just about as far as I had to, to be in his care. He's an A++++ chiropractor. One of the best!